Led Light

Various types of LED based Rolling/Scrolling/Graphic Display Systems, Traffic Display Systems, Production Display Systems, Pollutions Displays, Digital Clocks etc.

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Matrix Clocks

DOFF Timer System for Equal Length Application on Texturizing Machines, Random as well as Sequential, (Pt. Indorama synthetics Tbk, Indonesia) .

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Matrix Displays

This Matrix display are LED matrix, which is controlled from a PC. We provide large as well as small display. Widely used in several industrial and commercial.

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Our Products:-
  • Weighing Application (Small Weighing to Weigh Bridges,Batching,etc) (Transfered the Source with all document to the Manufacturer)
  • Hand Held System for Industries like Textile, Steel etc
  • DOFF Timer System for Equal Length Application on Texturizing Machines, Random as wel as Sequential(Pt. Indorama Synthetics Tbk, Indonesia )
  • Sample Warping Machine Automation (Hergeth, Suzuki, tc)(Mararjee, Raymonds, Bombay Rayon)
  • Washing Machine Control System (Raymonds Uco)
  • Various Types of LED based Rolling/Scrolling /Graphic Display system,Traffic Display Systems,Production Display Systems,Pillution Displays, Digital Clocks, Satelite Clocks,etc
  • ELP-Machine Status Display
  • Digital clocks,Master|Slave clocks,Ethernet clocks,sattelite clocks etc.
  • GSM Bsed Applications:-
    *SMS Alert System for Distributed Control System.
    * GPS Clock with Auto Announcement System
    *LED Displays with GSM Interface.

  • Wireless Application(2.4 GHz)
    *Data Acquisition System for LCB Machine (Raymonds Uco)
  • Auto Corner Data Aquisition System
  • Ring Frame Data Aquisition System
  • Baler Data Aquisition System
  • Energy Saving System For Lighting Load
  • Hand Held System For Temp. Measurement

The Company is also Working as OEM for: -

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