TEXTILE - Equal Length Package System for DTY Machines


The DOFF Timer system is a modular electronic system developed specially for equal length requirement for DTY machines. In these machines, the polyester yarn is drawn at a same speed for all positions. The rotations of the take up shafts on both sides of the machine are counted by the sensors installed on the both the take up shafts of the machine. The system senses the beginning of yarn run from the positional yarn detectors & measures the length as long as yarn is running. It generates a visual indication on completion of doff length which is predefined for the packet size required. The texturizing machine usually has 240 or 216 spindle positions. It consists of 18 or 20 sections of 12 positions each. For every spindle there is a non-contact type yarn sensor & an electromagnetic cutter installed. The doff timer system utilizes these to sense & to cut the yarn respectively. The doff timer system is modular in nature. It has one master & 18 or 20 slave units. The slave units are mounted on the machine one each for a section of 12 spindle positions. Each slave is connected to an RS485 bus, which in turn is connected to the master. The master communicates to the slaves on the multi drop RS485 bus.

  • Random/Sequential Doffing supported
  • Individual control for each DOFF
  • Visual Indication of DOFF Maturity
  • Master-Slave Design
  • Customised Reporting MIS