LED Display

Unique Automation brings you the fascinating word of Indoor and Outdoor LED displays alongwith the inherent advantage of Energy Saving..LED Display systems are used to transfer visual information for Mass Communication. Information like Flash News ,ONLINE Production status, Arrivals & Departures, Graphical Presentation, Animated messages and Pictures can be displayed for effective and immediate understanding in LED display boards.


.Motorola 68k ( 32 bit Processor ) with various peripherals as Central Processing Unit.
.LED modules contains LEDs arranged in an array with required drivers and data latches for glowing LEDs based on the information.
.Pitch of the LEDs (distance between the LEDs) varies based on the intensity and the viewing distance.
.No. of LED module cards arranged to realize the required Size of the DISPLAY SYSTEM.
.Various Drivers and sub-drivers are used for driving LEDs based on the System size and intensity.
.Required Hardware interface for Data receiving.

Classification of LED display systems:-

.LED Display Systems/Display boards for Day visible and night visible.
.Single, Multi colour and true colour LED display boards.
.Indoor and Outdoor LED display systems.
.GPS and GSM interface.
.Modem interface for obtaining the data from remote place and displaying the same.
.Computer interface.
.PLC interface to LED display output parameters of PLCs.
.Pager interface.
.Data communication exchange interface for multiple LED display systems connectivity etc.

LED Display Application:-

.Production status, statistics and other information ON LINE.
.Urgent ON LINE Messages for Mass Communication.
.Warning Messages in critical areas like mass production and operating yards.
.Operation Precautions Messages.
.Flight, Train & Bus Departure and Arrival Information.
.Weather Information.
.Electronic Score Boards.
.Animations & Pictures.


ANDON Displays Pollution Indicators, GPS Clocks, Moving Displays, Machine Status Displays, MWdisplaysin power stations, etc

Day Visible LED Display System:- .Information of Production status and Operating Precaution Messages. .3nos of 5mm high intensity LEDs (cluster) used for one Pixel. .14 LED, 7LED & 3 LED Clusters for a pixel. .Day visible system for Single, Multi Color. .Data exchange interface & LAN connectivity. .Multiple boards connected through out of the yard.


Multy Country Clocks,Event/Programs, etc

we offer Stylishly designed LED Digital Clocks fitted with LED displays that last for a reasonably long period of time. These clocks are well known for their classy finish and durability. These available in several variants like Digital clock, alarm clock, wall clock, table clock, led display clock. This clock is highly demanded to display timing at the metro station, railway station, bus stop and other allied places.

LED Display System for TV Programs (Quiz):-
.Software and Hardware to handle LIVE TV Game shows with complete user-defined data,interactive results,questions & answers.
.Customised LED Display Boards for the game shows developed and produced Indigenously.
.Import substitute.


Text/Graphic etc

Multi line Display Board show information in different colors and are a great means for advertising and manifesting customer special messages. Information, for example, New Year's welcome, news or any possible data in different vibrant colors could be shown on these display in numerous impacts, for example, moving, stable or glimmering. We can customize the display size of characters as per the explicit obligations of our consumers that facilitate to display the longer message without a break.

.Single,Multi,True Color LED display system - Day & Night visible.
.OFF LINE Animated Information.
.ON LINE messages through computer / key board.
.Facility to upload OFF-LINE Animated information.
.Single & Multi Color Clusters for Day Visible.
.Modular Design to achieve customer require sizes.
.Multi windows to display different messages at a time,Multi Lingual.

LED Display system supplied to Hospitals:-

.Information with the user defined fields, like, Doctors availability etc.
.Information in local language.
.Computer with Application s/w interface.


Passenger GuidanceList and timing is Buses/Train/Flights,Traffic light system with Down Counters, etc.

Bus Destination Display System :-

It is used to show the destination of the buses used in tour & travels with the shimmering quality of red LED.These systems are known for their readability even from a far distance.These LED destination boards can be employed on a front side & back side of a bus. The LED display unit functions with the help of a microprocessor which can be operated by the driver. All the routes can operate from the particular depot will have to load the microprocessors of all buses in that depot with suitable programs. While taking the bus on a particular route, the driver has to select the route to be displayed.

LED Display Systems for Indian Railways:-

Train arrival and Departure information display in Single & Multi line. .Server, Data Exchange and Computer interface with application s/w. .Multi drop networking to connect multiple boards. .Information in all Regional Languages. .Other Displys like Master Slave Clocks,Couch Guidence,Integrated IVRS,Platform Announcement,LCD Tv Display.

LED Token Displays for Passenger Reservation Counters:-

.Reservation token number with counter number.
.Window display at counter with running token number.
.Skipped Token numbers display system.
.Server, Data Exchange and Computer with application s/w interface.
.Multi drop networking.
.Multiple boards connectivity.


Token number display, Currency rates, Bank lending/deposite Rates, LIC Schemes, etc

We offer a wide range of LED Bank Interest Rate Display Boards. These are available in various dimensions and other specifications, we devise these products in accordance to the consumer's needs. Bank LED display board is very useful for Banks to display variable interest rates on Term Deposits or Variable Foreign Exchange rates for International Currencies. Moreover, our offered boards are used in banks and financial institutions to display current rate of interest on loans, fixed deposit,token number display etc.

Public Places:

Emergency Displays, Alerts, Satellite Clocks in Master Slave Mode, etc.
GPS Based Master Slave Clocks:-

.GPS Time Synchronization of the Master Clock.
.Time setting of Slaves at a defined intervals for uniformity.
.Multiple Slaves connected in a wide area.
.Multidrop network connectivity

Video Display Boards for Outdoor Stadiums.


Score Boards (wired/Wireless) Basket Ball 24 Sec/10 min Timers, Player Substitution Indicator, etc.

Salient Features:-

  • Easy user interface to operate/ modify.
  • Modification by keyboards/PC/GSM
  • Modular Displays with Multilingual text
  • Ultra Bright LEDs for better viewing daylight.
  • Energy Efficient Displays.